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Hyosung Monimax 5600 vs. NCR SelfSrv 22

Hyosung Monimax 5600

NCR SelfServ 22

Dimensions Height: 59.3"
Width: 18.5"
Depth: 29.9"
Height: Front access 60.6", Rear access 59.3"
Width: 19.2"
Depth: Front access 34.0", Rear access 37.7"
Processor Intel Pentium IV Intel Conroe L440
Platform Microsoft XP Microsoft XP
Communications TCP/IP (SSL Configurable)
Dialup, wirelesss X.25 optional
Display 15" TFT color touch screen Choice of 12.1" or 15" LCD, FDK or touch screen, optional privacy filter and oprtional sunlight readable display
Card Reader Dip reader Smart Dip, IMCRW with Smart
Dispenser Presenter Presenter
Dispenser Capacity Up to 4 cassettes (12,000 Notes) Up to 4 Cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability
Printer 3.1" graphical thermal receipt 80mm thermal printer
Security UL 291 enchanced Level 1 safe CEN L, CEN I, CEN III, CEN IV
Security Camera Optional
Lock E-Lock
Optional Kaba Mas lock
Combination lock
Optional Kaba Mas lock
Servicing Front service
Front, rear and side