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MoniManager ATM Management Software (Hosted)

MoniManager ATM Business Intelligence Software

MoniManager ATM Business Intelligence Software
Nautilus Hyosung understands the challenges of your busy and competitive business environment maintaining ATM up time
is a key goal for every financial services institution. That's why we offer MoniManager ATM business intelligence software.

User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls provide effective system-wide network views to audit machine efficiency and quickly spot problems.

Reliability you can count on
MoniMananger has been thoroughly tested under real world conditions to ensure unrivaled reliability. Installations by financial institutions overseeing and managing in excess of 30,000 terminals have given our software high marks and accolades.

Easy Integration
MoniManager easily integrates with existing banking infrastructure WOSA/XFS manager, MoniManager Agent, ATM AP and Switching Server Agent all communicate seamlessly.

Ultimate control
The remote control capabilities of MoniManager can easily access the electronic journals to initiate the download and upload of various software patches as well as advertisements, alert messaging, and promotional messaging that resides on your ATM network.

Optimize the operation of your ATM network
With MoniManager, consistent ATM operation and enhanced customer service will quickly become one of your institutions competitive distinctions.

MoniManager Features:

  • ATM Status Monitoring
  • Fault Management
  • Remote Management
  • Electric Journal Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Optimum Cash Management
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting (SLA)