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Hyosung Monimax 5300XP vs. Diebold Opteva 522

Hyosung Monimax 5300XP

Diebold Opteva 522

Dimensions Height: 54.4"
Width: 18.1"
Depth: 25.4 "
Height: 59 "
Width: 18.6"
Depth: 29"
Processor Intel Pentium IV High-performance Intel processor
Platform Microsoft XP/CE Microsoft XP
Communications TCP/IP (SSL Configurable)
Dialup, wirelesss X.25 optional
Display 15" Color LCD
Touch screen optional
15.1" Color LCD
Optional: sunlight viewable, touch screen
Card Reader Dip reader Dip, motorized or smart card reader
Optional barcode reader
Dispenser Spray dispense Presenter
Dispenser Capacity Up to 4 cassettes (8,000 Notes) Up to 5 cassettes
Printer 3.1" graphical thermal receipt Two color graphical thermal receipt
Graphical thermal journal
Security UL 291 business hours safe
Optional Level 1 safe
UL 291 Level 1 safe, CEN L, CEN IV
Consumer awareness mirrors
Security Camera Optional
Optional (integral)
Lock E-Lock
Optional Kaba Mas lock
Optional Kaba Mas lock
Servicing Front service
Front service, rear or vestibule (rear)